A collaborative project co-funded by the European Commission. Its aim is to develop tools for measuring and analysing building energy profiles based on users’ comfort needs.

My role was to develop the ‘Neighborhood Managment System’. This application was developed to support efficient energy distribution among groups of buildings. The support timely and the optimal energy transfers from a building to another was based on users’ needs and requirements. The optimization was done through the Genetic Algorithms.

Following an Agile methodology, I lead the development team, from the definition of specifications to deliverables.


  • You can find here the video used to present the NMS application : Video
  • Official website has been removed from Internet since the end of the project. You can still get some info through your favorite search engine


UML, Swing, Hibernate, Spring, Spring RCP, GA, ECJ, Groovy, HSQLDB, Maven, SVN