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OSGi (Open Service Gateway initiative) is a specification that aims to remedy the lack of a module system for Java, allowing for dynamic reloading of components.

I used this platform once to develop a Rich Client Platform to perform evolutionary computing on complex problems. Even if Eclipse which seems to use OSGi successfully, I strongly discourage you to use this platform which brings much more complexity than nice solutions.


Sept 2007 - Nov 2008
Semantic Web-based Engineering Platform

SWOP is an EC funded R&D project which I was working on. It aims to provide an Open, Standards-based platform for products and processes optimization.

The team at CSTB is in charge of designing and implementing the Genetic Algorithm Engine. This module handles optimization of complex product configurations (manufacturing, supply chain, construction processes, etc.) via Evolutionary runs, based on Product Data which is expressed using the latest Semantic Web technologies from W3C.

We also lead the design and implementation of an Eclipse plug-in which allows the integrators of the SWOP platform to generate new end-users applications which depend on their concerns and a front-end, a web-based portal that allows end-users to access the features of the SWOP platform.


Official website has been removed from Internet since the end of the project. You can still get some info through your favorite search engine


GA, ECJ, OWL, XML, Groovy, Velocity, J2EE, Stripes, Spring, Hibernate, Eclipse RCP, SWT, Maven, SVN