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Woko is a Full-Stack, Domain-Driven Web Framework for the Java platform. It builds upon strong foundations and mixes in unique concepts, providing a developer experience that ain’t so common in the Java landscape.

We are pragmatic, and we eat our own dog food. We try to make it simple and effective, just as it should be.

I’m contributor since 2011 and member of the Woko team since its creation.


September 01, 2012
Online shop for food delivery



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Java/JEE, Groovy, Woko, Stripes, Hibernate, JUnit, MySql, Javascript, JQuery, Jenkins


Sept 2012 - Nov 2015
District energy trading optimization

The RESILIENT project aims at designing, developing, installing and assessing the energy and environmental benefits of a new integrated concept of interconnectivity between buildings, DER, grids and other networks at a district level. The RESILIENT approach will combine different innovative technologies including smart ICT components, optimized energy generation and storage technologies, also for RES, integrated to provide real time view of energy demand and supply at a district level and support decision-making processes.

My team at CSTB was in charge of the platform integration. I built a n-tiers architecture based on REST web services to allow communication between the different softwares involved plus a network optimization engine based on genetic algorithms.



Java/JEE, REST, Stripes, Hibernate, Spring, Woko, Maven, Bamboo

Votre meuble sur mesure

February 01, 2012
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Java/JEE, Groovy, Woko, Stripes, Hibernate, MySql, Javascript, JQuery, Jenkins


Mar 2011 - Dec 2013
Friendly Intelligent Energy Management Systems in Residential Buildings

The main objective of this project is the development of an innovative energy management system for existing and new residential buildings(BEMS), which pursues the increase of the efficiency of the energy used and the reduction of the global energy demand of the building, but without penalizing the comfort levels of the users.

I was in charge of the data platform development. The main goal of this platform is to collect save and share all the data exchanged between each module. My principal challenge in this project was to coordinate the development of each module in order to ensure the global integration.


You can find more information about this project


UML, JEE, Stripes, Woko, Hibernate, REST, Tomcat, MySQL, Maven, GIT, ChiliProject, Jenkins